Today, Friday 19 March 2021, we start to buy the raw material to build GRC tower. We buy high quality iron for our next project to build two pieces of tower of Jami At Taqwa Mosque which is located in Komplek Pertamina Pondok Ranji, Ciputat.

Two days ago, CV. Assiry Art has sent the GRC panels that have been molded at our workshop before to Jami At Taqwa Mosque. Alhamdulillah, Allah SWT always make the process easy for us.

It is important for all of you to know that the whole materials we use for GRC tower constructions or any other projects are the high quality material one. Whether it is for the GRC panel or the iron scaffold. The paint we use at the finishing stage later is also the best and weather resistant.

CV. Assiry Art is constantly improve the service for all clients. It is a must because their satisfaction and happiness are the main things for us. It is not only about GRC tower, CV . Assiry is also known as interior designer, especially for mosque interior design. We can design a mihrab calligraphy, lisplang, dome calligraphy, etc.

For you who is still curious about our products, you may visit out website or just type Assity Art at google browser and you will find thousands of our works all over Indonesia. Please contact our customer service at 0857 1222 3822 or you can send us an email to
CV. Assiry Art and PSKQ Modern always spread the beauty of Islam wherever we are.

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