Since 2003, CV. Assiry Art is known as an contractor specialist whether in interior or exterior design of mosque and building. CV. Assiry Art is known for its best product quality such as GRC, mosque calligraphy, acrylic calligraphy, and so on.

In order to beautify a building, our clients tend to choose GRC krawangan or GRC massive motive. Those two kinds of product looks like the same but in fact, both of them are different in a specific way. Their type of molding and the product result at the end of the process are definitely different. As all of us know, GRC krawangan is in hollow shape and has function as the ventilation of a room. Whereas GRC massive motive has a firm and embossed type. It makes a building beautiful and elegant. Who in this earth can deny the beauty of ornament and motive of this GRC massive. By the composite of unique and elegant design, this make it attractive and beautiful to look at.

In this moment of renovation of PSKQ modern, we use the remainder of GRC massive from the last year production of CV. Assiry Art. It is better to utilize the remainder than let it useless. Surprisingly, it still have good quality.

CV. Assiry Art and PSKQ Modern Kudus, Central Java is continuously spread a positive trend in the form of calligraphy and applied fine arts that covers many fields and one of them is Islamic Architecture, whenever and wherever we are. May Allah always give us blessings to keep working and doing our duties in showing the beauty of Islam. Amiiin.

Please kindly reach us if you need our service. You can call CV. Assiry Art to place your order in: 0857 1222 3822

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