Tower is one of the most important parts of a mosque. At the very beginning, the existence of a tower is not included in the mosque ornament. But along the time, it becomes familiar in the mosque building. Has a function a place to adzan (call to prayer), up to this day, the existence of tower has become an inseparable architectural part of a mosque. In the process of tower making by using GRC material, usually it made as pieces of panel.

Today’s most favorite design of mosque tower is nominated to Nabawi Styled tower. CV. Assiry Art is well kown because of its Nabawi Styled mosque tower designs which are so various and magnificent. Or you may call us as the the trendsetter of Nabawi styled tower.

By having tons of experiences in constructions sector and market demands, CV. Assiry Art has its strategic position in the sector of manufacturing and application of GRC molding in a professional way. The works of GRC dome by CV. Assiry Art were spread in the entire of Indonesia.

Some types of GRC that we usually apply are: GRC Dome, GRC Mosque Tower, List Plang, Loster (Kerawangan), Massive GRC, GRC Calligraphy, GRC Crown, GRC Pillar, and many others. In sum, CV. Assiry Art is able to cover all raw materials of building structures and and turn those into a beautiful construction by using GRC panel and mould according to the model you want. Beside the fact that we offer the cheaper cost, the works of Assiry Art is also have 10 years maintenance guarantee.

CV. Assiry Art receives the building services of Mosque Calligraphy, Mosque Wall Calligraphy, Mosque Dome Calligraphy, Mosque Interior Calligraphy, 30 Juz of Al-Qur’an Written Calligraphy, Nabawi Mosque Model Calligraphy, GRC Calligraphy, GRC Loster/Kerawangan, GRC Tower, Calligraphy Painting, Carving Calligraphy, Stainless Calligraphy, Brass Calligraphy, Silver Calligraphy, Copperplate Calligraphy, GRC Dome, List Plank Calligraphy, Wall Calligraphy, Mihrab Calligraphy, Lanscape and Garden Pond, 3D Calligraphy (Sculpture), Architectural Design, Gazebo, etc.

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